XPoNential Radio Logos

Black & White (line art)


  • Print (300 dpi EPS, PMS Coated)
  • Print (300 dpi EPS, PMS Uncoated)
  • Print (300 dpi EPS, CMYK Coated)
  • Print (300 dpi EPS, CMYK Uncoated)
  • Web (72 dpi GIF)
Logo Usage Help

Print: Print logos are .EPS files that are used for high resolution projects. They are best used on high-end print jobs such as advertisements, banners, or brochures. They are also used by some desktop publishing programs; consult your software’s manual for more information.

Web: Web logos are .GIF files prepared for display on the Web. They have a limited number of colors to save download time for the user. Web logos are not suitable for other uses. Re-sizing (scaling) Web logos is also not recommended. Please request help if you need a different size of a particular logo.


HD Radio

HD Radio technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally - a tremendous technological leap from the familiar analog broadcasts of the past. These digital broadcasts provide listeners with new wireless data services and radically improved audio quality and reception.

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